Every so often, photography gets hit by a phase.  Approximately 5 years ago it was HDR (High dynamic range) essentially blending as many shots as you like into one photo.

People were able to nail this and create truly exceptional images, but more often than not, they were dreadful, really dreadful.  Due to blending of the images, they were left with an extremely flat tone, massive halo's and the construction of the scene was second to the effect produced by the HDR.

Recently however, it has been very long exposures. More commonly, they are strong images and they seem to work alot more than HDR ever did.  Heck, I even own LEE's Big stopper.  However I struggle to relate to anything it produces.

I understand its uses and effects, reducing detail in an often chaotic scene and creating something outwith what the eye is seeing.  I get that.  But so often the composition side of things gets forgotten, with many photographers just letting the shutter speed shout out.

I do find that shutter control can effectively enhance an image, shown here in a shot I took on the Giants Causway in my homeland of Northern Ireland.  A fast shutter speed would have captured a choppy sea.  However with more accurate shutter control, detail was removed therefore reducing the brittleness of the scene.

10/4/2013 23:31:51

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